Athletes and self-care have a complicated relationship. Society has framed self-care as an action that requires you to make sacrifices—primarily time and energy—rather than a habit that promotes YOU and your wellness. Freewell is helping change that narrative by making products that fit all lifestyles and needs to ensure self-care remains a role in your life.


When life gets busy, self-care is an easy thing to let slip for many of us. Unlike other things in life (family, relationships, career, and money, for example) there is no external accountability regarding self-care. When we don't show up to work on a Monday or stop reaching out to a friend, we will likely be confronted for it – when we forget to take our makeup off before bed, not so much. Therefore, there is certainly an aspect of risk when it comes to self-care since it's entirely up to the individual how much they'll embrace it. Every person's self-care needs are different, too. Some require an extensive pampering routine before bed or a morning of meditation and yoga, while, for others, a mindful moment while brushing their teeth does the trick. Regardless of the extent to which one takes care of themself, self-care must be present in everyone's life to some capacity. Freewell promotes this notion by providing quality and nourishing products that can seamlessly fit into anyone's self-care routine regardless of their complexity level. 


Freewell is made for competitive and recreational athletes alike. Athletes have implications that self-care is "impractical" or "inefficient." The athlete's go-go-go mentality contrasts with self-care commitments of time and energy, which can also be discouraging to embrace it to the extent your body needs. Dr. Alan Goldberg has studied the role of self-care in an athlete's life and concludes that self-care can enhance athletic performance rather than detract from it. Goldberg's "The Athlete's Guide to Essential Self-Care" explains the importance of balance in an athlete's life and lists its advantages. Team USA has also studied this and offers a list of practical self-care habits that athletes can implement into their busy and demanding lifestyles. Freewell makes their products versatile so that self-care can be achieved regardless of an individual's other priorities, be it work, school, sports, or friends. At Freewell, we are dedicated to helping active individuals care for themselves, their planet, and each other because we believe that, in life, we should not only survive but thrive. 


Freewell's Powergloss is first in line for natural and effective hair care. It is made with quality ingredients to enrich your scalp and hair regardless of your hair washing and activity habits. To make your Powergloss routine more realistic, Freewell offers a bamboo comb that makes the application process more efficient. It also enhances your self-care routine by adding an element of massage to the Powergloss treatment – helping you best relax and unwind while enriching your hair. 

Made to gently and evenly distribute Power Gloss throughout your scalp and hair while stimulating blood flow to the scalp, our sustainable Freewell Bamboo Comb is the perfect tool to pair with our game-changing scalp and hair treatment.

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth Bulat, Collegiate Athlete & Student at Northwestern University

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