Freewell is dedicated to helping people care for themselves, their planet, and each other because we believe that we should not only survive in life but thrive. We are on a mission to ensure that our customers no longer have to choose between self care and serving others.


We value integrity in our relationships and in the products we create. We value sustainability and in all things we do we will ask "is it necessary" and "to what end." We value courageous action by standing against human trafficking and providing opportunities and a space for survivors to rebuild their confidence, their dignity, and the ability to support themselves on their own terms.


Freewell products are for active individuals who want a better way to care for themselves while giving back to others. We endeavor to change the status quo in the beauty industry. To this end, we promise to create thoughtful, multi-use self-care products that inspire and work for all. We are a company that has a built-in commitment of service to others.

Since a child, Shandi has always believed in challenging the status quo. "It's just in my blood to ask why and why not. Who said this has to be the way?" says Shandi.

With her 16 years of experience behind the chair and 50,000 hours talking one-on-one with women and men came the birth of FREEWELL.

"Being a lifelong entrepreneur, I knew one thing was missing for me in life, and that was a deep connection to doing something that made a difference in the world—my heart wouldn't let me create something that didn't. I waited till it all felt right.

During this time, I was starting to support the human trafficking cause. I felt a deep calling with my past to help free women from bondage—mainly because I was unknowingly living in bondage from a past assault. 

I also created a product for my clients to help treat their hair at home, a product to cover every need a client could have, from hair loss to those seeking shiny hair or healthy ends. I didn't think much of it and was just trying to help them. Until one day, people were buying 2nd, 3rd, and 4th bottles, and I thought, huh! This could be something.

I fell in love with researching ingredients, how they were sourced, and farming. I also loved swimming and being active and had an epiphany that I could actually deep condition my hair while doing the things I loved with this new product.

Slowly I was falling in love with this potential business, but one thing was missing—the greater purpose. 

Then, one day, it all came to me that I would help survivors of human trafficking with this company, and that was the last missing piece.  

However, before I put my all into this new business, I knew I had to take care of myself first. I took a year to go to therapy and finally face the scariest thing in my life—my own trauma and history of being sexually assaulted.

Through treatment and group support, I learned so much about being a survivor of sexual assault. I also could now really help others with my company and had so much more to give through my own experience.  

FREEWELL is a loving endeavor for me. It is truly a culmination of all the things I have learned, and continue to discover."

- Shandi Nichelle, founder of FREEWELL.