Power Gloss + Bamboo Comb Travel Kit

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WHAT IT INCLUDES: One travel-friendly, refillable 2oz Power Gloss (about two to three treatments), and our branded Bamboo Comb.

This is the perfect duo for keeping your hear healthy and strong, regardless of what your travels bring your way. Surf, sand, sun, or snow? This power duo will keep your hair healthy and your scalp balanced through it all. 




THICKENS: When used regularly for an extended period of time, our blend of castor, rosehip, rosemary, and lavender oils stimulates and nourishes the scalp while creating a healthy environment for hair to grow, resulting in improved hair thickness and strength.

BALANCES: Organic golden jojoba oil has the closest molecular buildup to our own natural sebum. Whether your scalp over-produces oil or you suffer from a dry, irritated, flaky scalp, Power Gloss will balance oil production for you.

REPAIRS: Our high-grade, 100% organic, cold-pressed castor oil repairs damaged hair by rebuilding the bonds to a non brittle strength.

SHINES: Luxurious organic Moroccan sweet almond oil, organic fermented apple enzymes, and golden jojoba oil clarify the hair shaft and remove environmental buildup while softening and sealing the cuticle for a healthy and stunning shine that won't weigh your hair down.

PROTECTS: Get nutrient-rich protection that treats your hair with salon-grade ingredients while creating a protective barrier from chlorine, salt, minerals, and other damaging environmental factors.


STEP 1: Shake the bottle well

STEP 2: Starting with dry hair (clean or dirty), apply to your scalp using our fine-tip applicator. Disperse Power Gloss throughout the scalp by massaging it in with your fingertips

STEP 3: Apply product from mid-shaft to the ends of your hair and massage in

STEP 4: Leave Power Gloss product in your hair for at least 1 hour or up to 24 hours

STEP 5: Shampoo your hair two to three times to remove Power Gloss treatment from your scalp and hair

STEP 6: Condition, rinse, and style as usual

Our 4 oz. bottle is equal to about 4-6 treatments. Our 8 oz. bottle is equal to about 8-12 treatments, depending on the length of your hair.

We recommend using Power Gloss once a week for the best results.


Postpartum hair loss occurs for about 50% of new moms. Use Power Gloss throughout your postpartum journey to restore your hair health and thickness. It's 100% organic and safe for mom and baby, easy to use, and even feels like a little bit of a spa retreat in your busy day.


Whether you get a mile of laps in every day or hit the beach on the weekends, Power Gloss will protect your hair from drying chlorinated and salt water. Swim, surf, feel better, and get a game-changing hair treatment while you do.