When your hair is feeling damaged it’s likely due to a variety of factors. Therefore, simply throwing on a hair mask or straightening it less frequently won’t magically change the texture and health of your hair. While Freewell’s Power Gloss provides a protective treatment to your hair and scalp that will help combat future damaging hair practice while also nourishing already suffering strands, we know that since your hair is typically being damaged by a collection of fronts you’ll need to make a few more changes to truly achieve your healthiest, shiniest, thickest, and most stunning head of  hair.


Oil treatments, sometimes referred to as oil slugging or hair slugging, are a trend that’s taking off on social media, especially TikTok. With plenty of brands adhering to this demand, it can be difficult to navigate the range of products while finding an oil treatment that will replenish and nourish your hair. The natural ingredients will refresh your hair and prepare your scalp for future healthy hair growth. Contrary to the ingredients found in Power Gloss, many other companies use chemicals in their hair masks or treatments which can have opposite effects on your hair and can ultimately damage it further. To prevent this from happening, be sure to read the ingredients and prioritize those that will strengthen your hair including fatty-acids and hydrating botanicals. Another ingredient to be mindful of is protein content. Although proteins are essential for healthy hair growth, maintenance, and repair, an excess amount can leave your hair feeling dry and dull.

CUT THE COLOR (or at least some of it)

This is a tricky one to let go of. Many women color their hair in some capacity whether it’s to cover up gray roots, add some highlights, or to transform their whole look. The good news is that women can continue to do this while also having healthy hair. The secret to having both is to make sure you stick to professionals when you get your hair colored, regardless of how frequent you get it done. There are also shampoos and conditioners that are created to nourish colored hair and to protect its color so that you won’t have to go back to the salon as often. Therefore, investing in specialty hair wash products will both indirectly and directly enhance your hair’s health.


Using heat on your hair damages your hair with each use. Although this may be a harsh truth, it is an easy habit to change. Perhaps start with limiting how often you apply heat to your hair before quitting cold turkey. For example, if you use a blow dryer frequently, try alternating the days you do so to give your hair a break. In terms of styling, you can use overnight rollers to curl your hair. Ipsy encourages women to explore the potential of switching up their look to a style that does not require daily heat application. If substitutions or habit changes are not feasible for you at this time, consider using a heat protectant spray on your hair before you use heat on it.


Implementing certain vitamins and supplements into your lifestyle can promote your body’s efforts to produce healthier, fuller, and stronger hair. Vitamin A is essential for cell growth and is therefore necessary for hair growth – if your diet is deficient in vitamin A, then you are at higher risk for hair loss. Biotin is another vitamin that promotes healthy hair by helping to create red blood cells that prime the scalp with oxygen and nutrients needed for hair growth. Zinc helps the oil glands around hair follicles to work properly. However, an excess of zinc can limit hair growth so it’s important (as is true with all vitamin supplements) to ensure that you take an appropriate amount for your body’s needs. Furthermore, many of these vitamins can be absorbed through a balanced diet so focusing on consuming foods rich in them will also promote and protect your healthy hair.


WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth Bulat, Collegiate Athlete & Student at Northwestern University

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